30 Jun 22:00 CEST

Storgata 26

Oslo, Norway

// Playing from 22:00 - 03:00 //

– Plain Jane –

Jane is a veteran in the electronic music scene, with many years of experience and a strong presence in the techno community in Oslo. Originally from Denmark, she has been based in the capital since 2013. Jane's signature style is a fascinating blend of raw techno, psytrance, tribal, and harder genres, resulting in a sound that is both unique and electrifying. Her seamless blending of different musical influences sets her apart from the crowd and ensures that each set is an enjoyable and unexpected journey through the world of techno.

– Gori G –

Gori G has over a decade of experience as a DJ and is known for her playful and diverse expression within the realm of techno. Her DJ sound is characterized by heavy bass, catchy vocal hooks, and unique mixing. Gori is a resident DJ for Technophilia in Trondheim and CDP in Oslo, and she has previously performed at venues such as Sommerøya Festival, Grooveyard, Blå, Technokjeller, Storgata 26, Ostara, OFFH, Cats, Dogs and People, Ingensteds, Club PI, Krematorji Zagreb, Elysian, Why Not Festival Latvia, and Hausmania, Lokal klubb, and Havet.

– Maia Drachen –

Plays hard and propulsive techno. After honing her skills as a resident DJ at private events, Maia has ventured into clubs. It wasn't long ago that she made her club debut at The Villa, which was a huge success. She is now ready to deliver hard techno to the audience at Storgata 26.

CC:  150 NOK

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