07 Dec 20:00 CET


Oslo, Norway


to volume 5 of Queer Community {Social} Club - a monthly concept and

meeting place for queers and friends in town who want to meet other

music lovers for a casual social hangout at the bar.
Vol. 5
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Community Club (QCC) is an experimental club concept and creative

community space by and for queer and LGBTQ+ people. We exist to build

solidarity through creative processes, to break down hierarchies between

artists and participants, and to become a place for exploring the

personal expression of gender, sexuality, art and freedom.
This is a

collaboration with Trekanten and the space will be open to everyone. We

are aiming to build a space where queer people can feel safe and

comfortable simply being themselves, without the stress of constantly

being observed. This means we want a space free from any form of

discrimination or bigotry towards sexual orientation, gender identity,

gender expression, functional ability, body, age, ethnicity, life

philosophy or religion.
We want our community to take part in

building and shaping QCC into a safe(r) space - but for that to happen

we must work together and take care of each other. If you experience any

form of discrimination, uncomfortable situation or witness others do

so, we ask you to reach out to one of QCC’s hosts or the bar staff.
Free Entry
ID 20

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