15 Dec 22:00 CET

Storgata 26

Oslo, Norway


A new Portal opens to the realm of Techno.
It is calling your soul to enter..

Lineup: MAIA Owner of HEVN & DJ from the hard depths.Style: Hard Techno

OSI303Producer/Dj from Sweden.Style: Raw Hypnotic/Hard Techno/Tribal
KERANDJ with exceptional taste for groove.Style: Hardgroove/Raw Hypnotic TechnoSoundcloud:



PORTAL a platform for authentic underground sound. With a goal to seek out both local & international artists that dedicate a their life to underground music, and with their strong passion, diligence & devotion, professionally deliver their art in perfection.
We are the platform for the audience with high expectations. We are for the listeners with more than two ears!
All our dj's are carefully selected based on their unique skill and ability to stand out.
At PORTAL we are all about the right atmosphere and we are paying great amount of attention to the importance of good visuals, and is something we often get good feedback from.

Theme: Tribal, Dystopia, Cyberpunk

Genre: Raw/Hypnotic, Hard Techno

Location: Storgata 26, Oslo

Time: 22:00-03:00

Age limit: 20

CC:  150 NOK

In case you missed it