22 Jun 23:00 CEST

The Villa

Oslo, Norway

Heating up the sweatshop all night long.

-Main Room-

Maia Drachen

Gir ut musikk på F*ck Reality, Smallville og Full Pupp. Slapp i april 2022 sitt debut-album på førstnevnte. Aktuell med radio-show på statskanalen P13 hver lørdag kl 20.

—Maia Drachen—
Maia Drachen plays hard, dynamic, sometimes industrial and ultimately danceable techno.
After her 5 hour solo DJ debut at The Villa last year, she has played venues like Storgata 26, NACH Oslo, Ostara bar, Trekanten, Mir, ELSKER and ofc The Villa.
During summer of '23, Maia created her techno concept, nedpaa, Oslo's smallest rave concept that focuses on hard techno. Since then, more than 25 different DJ's have visited the underground techno club. Maias sets aim to take your mind on a journey while keeping your body moving to the beats!

CC:  150 NOK